Rebecca’s Aaronson’s Story

Rebecca Aaronson

I am a follower of Christ, mother, rancher, horse broker/trainer, dog broker, “cow-girl,” natural health enthusiast, forager…the list goes on.

Self-sufficiency, homegrown clean foods, and ministry were the goal. We started our journey as healthy-minded city folk. We felt an urgency to learn how to provide for our ever-growing family in a way that could be controlled and sustained.

We went from a ¼ acre in the city to 40 poorly set up bare acres to 160 acres in about 18 months. We grew much faster than most would have. These decisions came with a HUGE learning curve.

Over the past seven years, we have learned much about homesteading, preparedness, animal husbandry, and pioneer-type living. We learned ALL of it the hard way. I hope that you can learn from our struggles and thereby have a smoother transition toward being prepared.