Planning for Multi-Generational Preparedness

Multi-Generational Preparedness

Many people feel the need to prepare. Some expect an economic collapse. Others prepare for a natural disaster or civil unrest, famine, disease, a viral outbreak or civil war. In all of these instances, people are preparing for a “SHTF” scenario.

The naysayers, however, look at the “Preppers,” often with a bit of disdain, and conclude that their concerns are unjustified.

Regardless, it makes no difference to me and here is why.

Yes! I want to be prepared — as much as possible — for a “SHTF scenario,” but not only that, I also want to be prepared for life in general.

I want to be ready for times of peace and prosperity, and for periods of collapse.

For me, this concept extends beyond myself. Beyond my generation to the next. I call it – Multi-Generational Preparedness.

This type of preparation centers on two things, long-term physical and financial security.

So, I began to think about it, if you were to list some of the most crucial elements necessary to achieve multi-generational physical and financial security, what would they be?

First, let’s look at physical security.

Physical Security

The dangers you might need to prepare for include:

• Natural disasters
• Home invasions
• Civil unrest
• Government intrusion – incrimination
• Starvation
• Dehydration
• Access to, or unavailability of medical care


Many of these issues are related to location.

Location, location, location.

In fact, if you live in an area that is prone to natural disaster, or if you reside in an area where civil unrest is likely, you might want to consider relocating, as soon as possible.

Remember, though, we are talking about multi-generational security, so while some of your family — your children for instance — might move to other cities, or be spread out across the country, the goal would be to have a location that everyone could come to in a time of need. A retreat.

This retreat should be self-sufficient and sustainable, and it should be built to be as secure as possible. An underground house, for instance, might suit your needs as it is very resistant to many natural disasters and bullet-proof.

Relocation is an issue that requires a lot of thought and research, but if you think of it in-terms-of multi-generational security, you may be able to get others in your family to come on board and help. Of course, they may not. However, they probably will show up when the SHTF.


Other long-term issues include the cost of living, property taxes and the intrusiveness of government. For instance, is it legal to collect rainwater?

Food Production

Long-term food preparation can include food storage but will also require sustainable sources, such as farming, ranching, hunting, fishing, etc.

Water Access

Water is vital for drinking and growing food. So find a location where you have access to water.

Medical Needs

Lastly, make plans for access to healthcare as well as plans for when there is no access.

Financial Security

You will need to protect yourself from:

• Taxation, government confiscation
• Inflation, currency devaluation, and possible currency collapse
• Little or no income
• Theft
• Market loss
• Litigation

One of the problems with our government is that while it provides a measure of security, (which is mostly an illusion), it also, through its massive expansion, regulation, taxation, and general intrusion has worked and moved in a direction that makes people more dependent and reliant upon it. This dependency, in turn, has made it more difficult for individual families to secure multi-generational financial security.

You would think that after generations of unmatched economic growth, in the most prosperous nation the world has ever seen, that most families would have established a measure of financial security. Obviously, however, this is not the case.

But you can do it!

If you start to plan now! You can, in time achieve this goal.

Mitigate Taxation

Do what you can to reduce taxes. Move to a less taxed state. Pay property tax in advance if you can. Interestingly, the state of Texas is the only state in the union that allows you to purchase “allodial title.” That means that you cannot lose your land for non-payment of property taxes.

However, to do that, you have to pay the projected lifetime property tax, and when you do this, you cannot pass the allodial title to your children. If you give your property to them, they will have to pay property tax on it once again.

Hedge Against Inflation & Job Loss

Protect yourself from inflation by purchasing real assets such as land, gold, silver, food, and tools.

Protect yourself from job loss by developing multiple streams of income. Try to create online income as well as learn to make something that will have value even if we enter a dark age.

Theft Prevention

Protect yourself from theft by having a secure location. Also, purchase firearms and research how to reinforce your home structurally. Consider, a safe room where you can house valuables and a safe that will withstand a house fire. You can also get insurance on valuables if you’re comfortable with letting an insurance company know what you have.

Investment, Wealth, and Asset Protection

The best way to protect yourself from the market is to not be in it unless you can afford to lose everything you invested.

If your assets are vast, seek professional assistance to protect them from litigation. You can achieve this with a living trust and other legal instruments. If you would like more information on people who do this, contact me.

Well, that’s a wrap. Keep pressing on my friends!

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