Stephen Roehrig

Stephen is an avid outdoorsman, bow hunter, and angler who loves all things manly and is passionate about being prepared to protect and provide for those he loves. He currently resides in Caldwell Idaho with his wife Amanda.

Fish Tacos: A Recipe For Camping And At Home

Fish Tacos Some time ago my friend Justin Cummins invited my wife and me over ...

3 Reasons You Need a Good Rangefinder

3 Reasons You Need A Good Rangefinder

The Importance of a Rangefinder “98 yards away. Fire when ready,” 3…2…1…BANG! Down went ...

Fatwood What, Where, Why, How

Fatwood – What, Where, Why and How?

FATWOOD What is it? Fatwood is sap or resin saturated wood and is one of ...

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